Saturday, 30 April 2011

Have a little faith in you...

I was watching the TV...
with him.
My senior.
He's going 30 this year.
We talked, we thought, we laughed.
He made me realize 'bout something.

All these days...
I've never believed in myself.
I don't know why...
maybe because of my family?
my friends?
my lecturers?

He told me...
I must have faith in whatever I'm doing.
Focus and study hard...
don't think of what will happen in the future.
The most important thing is STRIVE!

Then, I wonder.
What have I done?

Don't look back.
What has been done cannot be undone.
I have done it...
and I will pass it.

strive for the future.
Don't do the same mistakes.
Have a little faith in you.
Do it like you are on the stage.
Your pen will be the microphone...
and your answer script will be the lyrics.

When you believe
I can hear her voice whispering at me... 

p/s: You will when you believe...
p/s/s: The word of today is 'realize'.


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