Friday, 22 April 2011

You Don't Know Me & I Don't Know You

Assalamualaikum & heyy y'allz!

Dah 2 hari jugak tak online ek. Nak post tapi malas nak on lappy. Kenapa? Sebab duduk rumahlah I jadi macam ni. Well, if you are a student (or were a student) you might understand. Masa duduk rumah perkara yang selalu dibuat kat kampus/kolej takkan dibuat dan masa duduk kolej lain pulak bendanya yang dibuat. Faham? I tak salahkan rumah cuma itulah 'ritual' ataupun perkara klise' yang kerap berlaku. Just admit it people!

Well, apa yang nak dikatakan disini adalah perkara yang berkaitan dengan tajuk entry. I lebih selesa untuk luahkan dalam bahasa Inggeris. Bak kata adik I, kata English A+!!! Hahaha~ *tak baik meninggi diri

I don't know if people do realize whether they know who their family and friends or they don't. I must say that sometimes, I don't really recognize who my friends really are. Are they truly my friends or they just wanna befriend with me just b'coz of my reputation or just b'coz I have something that they don't have or just by looking at my Facebook default picture. I know their names... their faces... but I'm not quite sure that I recognize them. 

People always assume that they know their friends just by knowing their names and their background but do they really recognize those people's hearts? Do they??? I always aware about this since I know what is friendship. The 'thing' is we cannot assume we know that particular person very well and then try to judge them just by looking at their hand writings, hobbies, status, pictures, life style, knowledge, thinking, videos, media (I mean any types of media) and religion. It's just so wrong! I wish life is as simple as talking, critics, mocking and insult other people without thinking deeply on why they did that and become that person, and why we cannot assume people as simple as ABC. There's always a reason for something.

Wake up people! If you wanna live in a democracy country, stop being a narrow minded person. Think positive and accept your friends as who they really are and what they really have. There is no fully perfect person in this world. Think positive and listen to what they might wanna say to you. If you don't like it just shut up or confront with them if you're dare. If not, you're not a suitable friend for them.

You thought that you know my name, you know almost everything about me, you've known me already? I was wrong too! I thought just by looking at your sweet face and your name, I knew you already... but the thing is we don't know each other. It took more than a decade for me to know myself. It took a several years for me to know who my friends are. It might take my whole life to fall in love with my own family. And you??? Of cause it will take yearssssssssssss to be my friend. But it took just a second for me to fall in love with HIM. So, if you are not ready... get out from my life. If you are ready... you better be READY! Cause friendship is harder than love. I've never been in love but I'm sure that it's true. I don't need a friend like you if you don't need a friend like me. ~XOXO~

NOTE: this chart is certainly not to scale; the red slice is unimaginably large
Note: this chart is not to scale; the red slice is unimaginably large.


yana d'zone said...

yes,true indeed!! sometimes there were the people who claimed on good,in bad,in parts or in whole =)eh jap,are you the king of single?? unbelievable coz you kan ada market...x suka cintan cintun eh,hehehe....

Mikah Lurima said...

haha... u try tukar tajuk nih! lol
no lah, x de maknenyer market. neva been n don't want to be in love. juz 4 da time being...