Thursday, 5 May 2011

2 Papegh Stghaight!

As-salam & heyy y'allz!

This is my quick post y'allz. 
Ah! Poyo. 
Bila masa lah I ni pandai taip sekejap2 dan pendek2. Haha~
But, seriously this time it's for real.
I need to study and focus more.
I'll have to sit for Marketing Research paper.
It's like a Law paper...
the difference is MR doesn't have any codes or act.
Means that it's more difficult to remember unless you understand this subject.
The day after tomorrow...
Marketing Channel!
Oh my Gucci!!!
This subject is killin' me and my friendz.
B'coz it's hard to understand the topics and then,
we are kinda lost since the very 1st day we enter the class.
May Allah bless me with great surprise.
I hope that I can answer all questionz and pass with flying butterflies... 
(suka hati akulah nak letak colours ke apa!).
That's all for now.
Wish me the best of luck and success.


p/s: Tak sabo nak tunggu malam Ahad...


ikin hamdan said...

good luck miruullll...! :D

Mikah Lurima said...

thanx ikin!^^