Sunday, 6 November 2011


#  The average time of bath that I take everyday is 50 minutes. 25 minutes in the morning and 25 minutes in the evening. Is that a problem?

# Is it a problem if I used  moisturizer cream on face and lip balm? 

# Is it a problem if I wear pink tie, pink shirt, pink socks, pink cap or pink Supra? Even my blog theme colour is pink

# I wanna wear a cap or a hat everytime I come to the class *on Tuesday-Thursday* but UiTM rules won't let me do that. Why? Is that a problem?

# I bring and wear a cool sweater almost everyday especially when I come to the class. Is that a problem?

# I bring a lot of things in my bag include a bottle of cologne, eye drop, a comb, powder and mineral water. Is that a problem? Since a lot of other guys don't bring them.

# Is it a problem for you allz if I hang a cute pink thingy key chain on my bag?

# Is it a problem if I wear coloured contact lens? If not, why do they look at me like that?

# Is it a problem if I dyed my hair into copper with a hair colour which contains henna and goat's milk since I had a hair and scalp problem?

# Is it a problem if I wear too much red colour? Well, I have a red bag  pack, red spectacles, red tie, red t-shirts, red bangle, and red brief.

# Is it a problem to have a quite fair skin, big eyes and red lips? God gave them to me.

# I easily get mad with people that I care the most. Is that a problem?

doctor problem?

# I walk fast until people thought that I did a catwalk. It's my style y'allz but still I wanna ask, is that a problem?

# Is it a problem if I don't eat vegetables and chilly or tomato sauce? *sambal too*

# Is it a problem I love to sing women's songs compare to men's?

# I love English songs more than any other languages. Is that a problem?

# My bff made a group for me in the Facebook. Is that a problem?

# Is it a problem to wear lady's or unisex products instead of products for men?

# Is it a problem if I act like I don't care with anyone because I'm hurt inside?

# Is it a problem if I neglect my best friend for breaking our promise? I do it because I'm so mad.

# I am 21 years old now and I'm still single. Is that a problem?

# I have a lot of girlfriends. Is that a problem?

# Some of my guy friends are not straight. Is that a problem?

# I'm a shy, crazy in silent, out spoken, fierce, straight forward and not supporting guy. Is that a problem?

# I don't give d**n anymore 'bout what you people wanna say and those story that you wanna spread because the things that you're won't work for me. I don't care 'bout what they think of me and say 'bout me.  So, is that a problem? 


proud to be a problem

p/s: I'm so influenced by #Twitter. =P


azzaharul azem said...

awat marah2 ni ha????tak cantek cam aku lah nnt kalo emo je...teteibe puji diri

Mikah Lurima said...

hahahah... mana ada marah. Saje lepaskan perasaan sikit. Best lah kau dah ke China kieeenn... ENJOY!^^

An Najwa said...

that's not a problem.

tp tu la manusia, tak pernah nak rasa senang bila org lain lebih drp diri dia..

em i think u just go with ur own way..baru la hati gumbira.. :D

Mikah Lurima said...

Thanx 4 answering it for me. Hehe

Ya, memang manusia macam tu. Huhu

InsyaAllah itulah yg I cuba buat. Buat tak tahu & gembira dgn diri sendiri. :)