Saturday, 28 January 2012

ALL is Adele's Fault

As salam & heyy y'allz!

Forget about why I didn't write in this blog for more than a week. Yes, the final examination finished since 17th January but my 'neighbor' has already terminated the internet service one week before last semester ended. *sigh* Plus, I was so 'busy' enjoying my life after final exam, shopping, eating, hanging out, and definitely a lot of sleep. Teehee~

It has been awhile since I bought Whitney Houston's The Ultimate Collection. You know, a guy like me will only buy a full album of one singer. I have a lot of cassettes, more than a CD or DVD. Okay, I'm so 'mad' with Adele right now. Because of her, I have to borrow my dad's money just to buy her new album, Adele Live At The Royal Albert Hall. Thank God, my dad bought it for me! Haha~ Btw, it is still a 'loan'. I have to pay it back after I get my loan a.k.a. scholarship from YPJ. (=

It means that Adele is in line with divas such as Mariah & Whitney because I bought their albums before Adele's and this album is the first live recording album that I bought. Believe me it's awesome! One price for two disc set, DVD & CD. Plus, I got a rebate! HAHAHA~ Btw, for those who wanna get this album, I bought it at Harris.

p/s: I'm listening to her right now. (:


Umar said...

Adele was one of the best singer out there! and in her album 21; lagu byk best2!

Mikah Lurima said...

Umar>> Yup! She's of the best now. Album 21 tak beli terus beli yg ini. haha