Monday, 25 June 2012

I'm Happy for Them!

As salam & heyy y'allz!

I don't have much time to type a new entry actually.
But this news is too great.
I didn't follow much about Egypt election or their political story.
I don't like politic. 
So, you can imagine how ignorance I am when it comes to politic issues.
Included those in my own country.

I don't know why...
... the news of Egypt election results made me interested.
Egyptians are so happy.
I can feel the somehow.
I can feel their joy and how grateful they are right now.
Islamist Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood...
... he was declared as Egypt's first democratic president.
From what I've heard.
He's a hafiz.
To be exact,
we should call him... 
... Dr. Mohamed Morsi al-Hafiz.

Source: Facebook

They have found a new leader.
A great president wanna be I believe.
... Egypt is going to be a much better Islamic country.
So, Malaysians?
Are we going to have the same fate?
I don't know...
I really hope so. (:

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